Ever since he could read, Taylor's  been interested in the written word. 

His education is steeped in science & he has a love of literature. 

Although born in the United States, he currently calls Europe home.


A former heavyweight boxer, other personal interests are physical culture, languages, love of travel, hard science, ufology and cryptozoology.

Follow Filo™ is Taylor's latest creation.


Prior to, he has written numerous screenplays and has penned the Upside Down Animals® series which was featured on Martha Stewart TV. 

"They're charming and the children really do love them. I love them" — Martha Stewart

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Wishing Upon A Green Bug! (WGA®) 


"As I sat, enjoying my cup of tea, as best I could, given the unique set of circumstances that I had found myself currently entangled in, I noticed a green bug vertically attached to a pole next to myself.

Although I was most certainly aware of its kingdom,  I must admit that I was quite at a loss as to its phylum, class or order. It was a beautiful little brute, and although daylight, its color was magically fluorescent

Needless to say, I found myself quite embarrassed to have, at that very moment, closed my eyes

and wished upon it...

But to fully understand, and perhaps sympathize, with my predicament, one would have to realize how painfully slow the last five years had peeled by and just how desperate my situation has become..."

Empire State Tower!©


 Set, "a long, long time from now", in New York City. A catastrophe has transformed earth. It's now mostly populated by bipedal animals who do the opposite of what they are famous for. The few remaining humans live a peaceful "Amish like" existence.

A girl and her younger brother, accompanied by The Boar Who Was Actually Quite Interesting, The Chameleon Who Didn't Want To Blend In and The Cheetah Who Wanted To Take Things Slow, set out to save the children's town by scaling the Empire State Tower. There's one small problem—each floor is occupied by a different group of animals who try to force them back down. And, yes, living on the very top floor is a fire breathing giant who also happens to eat humans!

Based on the Upside Down Animals®  children's series.

Story idea by Niko Zinovii.

Wicked, Wicked Witch!©


 A big city lawyer, seeking a "quieter" life relocates to rural Kansas for peace and serenity. 

Instead he finds himself caught up in a fantastic, fun and humorous romp, where he, a local female attorney and Hank Buxel, the local county's reigning hog calling champion (three years running), have to save two children from a real life, good old fashioned...witch! 

Black Is White!©

 A racist white man awakes one morning only to find that his world has been flipped upside down.

He now resides in a society where whites are the minority and viewed with disdain.

Through his sometimes humorous and sometimes dangerous experiences, he gradually realizes what a bigot he was and loses his previous prejudicial viewpoints.

2 Jacks & A joker!©

 A chubby bungler of a burglar named Jack, a sexy woman also named Jack and their partner in crime, a master huckster named Joker, accidentally stumble upon an invisibility formula developed by a ruthless mob boss!

Laughs and thrills abound as the trio struggles to escape both the police as well as the mafia kingpin who desperately wants his formula back!

Operation Replication!©

 A quirky madman intends to conquer the world by replacing its leaders with clones of themselves, of which he has complete control.

B.L.A.N.C (The Bureaucratic Law Administration of National Concern) assigns an incompatible pair of agents to the case.

They, along with a clone of Elvis, attempt to rescue the world from a madman's grip!

Wrong Side Of The Tracks!©

 Set in the 1950s. Recently released from prison, a young man, Johnny Shemanski, meets and falls in love with a university girl from a well to do family who ostracize her, as a result. 

Struggling to provide for her and their newborn, he turns to the only thing he has ever been good at—fighting and finds himself tied up with the mob.

Tell Her I'm Rich!©

 A rich man's chauffeur falls in love with his employer's high-society girlfriend.

He is convinced that in order to win her heart, he must pose as a wealthy business man.

Utilizing his boss's other home, cars, clothes, etc, without his employer's knowledge, the chauffeur sets out to win over the girl of his dreams. 


(cowritten with Niko Zinovii)

 A woman raising her two children alone, and dreaming of finding romance, finds her world flipped upside down as scratched by a certain type of cat, at midnight, on the night of the full moon, she finds herself transformed into a cat!

She gets her sister and children involved in her adventure and meets her Prince Charming, along the way, as she struggles to transform back into a human!


(cowritten with Niko Zinovii)

 An elderly man working at the zoo is well past retirement but won't quit because, being all alone in life, the zoo is all that he has. 

His simple life becomes complicated when a chimpanzee accidentally causes the death of a teenager. 

Saving the chimp from euthanasia, he takes the animal and hides it in his apartment.  

Their relationship grows as the man

learns to communicate with the primate through sign language!


 An original explanation of vampires and the folklore surrounding them. A young woman from Manhattan is terrorized by a vampire, the "original" vampire.

As she attempts to eludes it, she is surprised to find out that, in turn, the vampire is also being methodically pursued by a creature that even it fears. 

Lost Soul!©

 A kind hearted bowery bum makes a deal with the devil. Using the demon's influence, he becomes extremely rich. To Satan's surprise, he only uses his wealth and his time to help the less fortunate.  

Nevertheless, time passes and soon it is time to "pay up" and lose his soul.

With the help of his newfound girlfriend, the man desperately seeks a way out of the deal he made and his predicament.

Anything But Fly!©

 A country bumpkin is abducted by a UFO. After being examined and released, he find that he has been mentally and physically enhanced!

Enjoying his newfound powers, he sweeps the Olympics and also becomes the world chess champion, discovering that he can do anything but fly! 

But fame and fortune go to his head and he loses the only real friends that he had. Determined to regain them, he attempts something not seen since King Kong took Manhattan by storm!

Capacity Of Vice!©

 Three lives become entangled.

A troubled man who won't speak 

decides that the best way to vent is to become a vigilante.

female detective whose morass compass compelled her to blow the whistle on corruption in her department, making her a pariah, becomes obsessed with a serial killer who has murdered her partner.

And an unstoppable brute of a serial killer whose constant battle with his mind leads him on a horrific killing spree through Chicago's means streets. 

The mystery of the men's pasts carefully unfold as their destinies and the detective's converge, culminating in a final solution to there Windy City's serial killer problem.


Save The Savior!©

 A foreign agent steals a device that allows one to "jump" through time.

Evading the authorities, he seeks refuge in a church only to learn that the priest there is insane.

Finding out the purpose of the 

thief's contraption, the mad priest kills the man, takes the time machine and formulates a plan.

He is going back in time to save Christ from the cruxifixction!

Story idea by Niko Zinovii.



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