The 18 title children's book series about animals who do the opposite of what they are famous for!

"They're charming and the children really do love them. I love them" — Martha Stewart

"Recommended reading" 

— National PTA

"A wonderful addition to any young child's library" 


The Boar Who Was Actually Quite Interesting! 


Mr. B. Brownstring may be a boar but he's actually quite interesting! A world class adventurer, he's done it all—from hunting the Abominable Snowman to searching for lost cities of gold. And yes, he's British!

The Elephant

Who Couldn't Remember! 


Forget Me Not is an unusual elephant—he can't remember a thing!Join him on his jungle adventure as he meets new friends, overcomes obstacles and proves that handicaps can be overcome!

The Penguin Who Disliked The



Nippy is tired of the South Pole. It's just too plain, too boring, too "vanilla" for him. Boarding an iceberg, he floats away, only to learn that the grass isn't always greener on the other side!

The Turtle Who


Boxed In! 


Shelby's shell is bringing him down! Encased in hard enamel, he feels trapped, claustrophobic and boxed in! Removing it, he learns that it was very important and sometimes things are there for a reason!

The Hyena Who Wouldn't



Harry is the worst kind of hyena, he just won't laugh! Stealing the other animals' water, he undergo a life-changing event. Becoming a new someone, not only does Harry finally laugh, he laughs the best laugh

of all—at himself! 

The Ram Who Didn't Want To Butt Heads


Little Slam is a typical ram—he loves butting heads. His Uncle Ramses decides to show him that there's another way. Taking him on a walk, Ramses proves that it's far easier to talk things out instead—and a lot less painful also!  

The Fish Who Couldn't



Seymour is the only fish failing swim class! Unable to take the teasing, he quits school! But when a many tentacled menace threatens his city, he goes back to class, learns to swim and saves his city! 

The Bird Who Was Afraid To Clean The Crocodile's Teeth


Every bird on the river is assigned to clean one crocodile's teeth, Slim gets Gar—the scariest looking croc ever!(luck of the draw) Slim refuses to go anywhere near Gar but, in the end, learns that appearances can be deceiving.

The Bird Who Didn't Want To Fly South For The Winter


Marty McBird is tired of flying to Miami Beach every winter. He thinks the "freezing season" can't be that bad. Trying to stick it out, he learns that it would have been less painful to have listened to the other birds.

The Bird Who

Was Afraid

Of Heights


Paully has a problem—he is the only bird ever who is afraid of heights! And it's tough being a bird that's permanently

grounded. Teaming up with Mo the Mole, he seeks the solution to overcoming his inner fears!

The Lemming Who Didn't Want To Take The Plunge


Lenny follows the other lemmings, marching over and around every obstacle in their path, with none of them knowing where they are going. Reaching the sea, Lenny stops, stands up against peer pressure and says "no further!"

The Pig Who

Didn't Want To

Get Dirty


Squeaky is an unusual pig—he hates getting dirty! As a result, the other animals tease him to no end. Join him on a "Blue Ribbon"adventure as Squeaky proves that being different isn't bad, it's just different, that's all! 

The Bear Who Couldn't



Snuggly, spending his first winter alone, can't figure out why he just can't sleep!He tries counting sheep and even power yoga, to no avail. In the end he learns the real reason why and that loved ones are never really gone!

The Skunk Who Didn't Want To Stink


Smelvin McStunk, has trouble making new friends. No one wants to end up accidentally being sprayed! Disguising himself as someone that he's not, he learns that it is always best to just be yourself! 

The Rooster Who Didn't Want To Wake Up Early


Redeye hates getting up earl! In fact, he never recalls volunteering for the job! He sleeps in, only to find out that the entire barnyard is now out of whack. He learns how important his job was and how pretty morning time is!

The Straw That Didn't Break The Camel's Back! 


Humphrey is a camel who never gives up! Join him as he sets out during a record heat wave to save his friends. Sun, sand, scorpions, nothing can stop him. He proves that, with determination, one can do anything!

The Opossum Who Didn't Want To Play Dead


On Little Freds very first day of school he meets the terror of the playground, Max the Weasel who takes his milk money! Will Little Fred play dead or stand up for himself. Find out in this Terrific Tale!

The Eagle Who Didn't Want To Wear His Glasses


Ol' Four Eyes is the only eagle ever without perfect vision! As a result, yes, endless teasing occurs! Join him as he removes his glasses only to put them back on when the welfare of two baby birds is at stake!

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